Welcome to the Ohio Governor’s Residence and Heritage Garden.

Since the 1950s when Governor C. William O’Neill first occupied it with his family, the house has been the official residence of ten Ohio chief executives, men and women of both parties. It stands as a symbol of Ohio’s historic significance in our nation’s narrative, as well as a showcase of our state’s artistry, culture, industry and landscape.  It is a house that belongs to all Ohioans.

Sometimes referred to as “The People’s House,” the Ohio Governor’s Residence and Heritage Garden is a unique and historic home that represents Ohio to a diverse range of visitors. The Ohio Governor’s Residence offers a living exhibition of Ohio history, industry and craftsmanship, while the Heritage Garden, with its representations of the major eco-regions of the state and its infusion of native plants, strives to educate visitors on the importance of conserving and preserving the natural beauty of our state.

Soon, we plan to debut an updated website that will serve as a complete resource to learn more about the Residence and its distinguished place in Ohio history. We hope that you will join us in preserving the legacy of the Ohio Governor’s Residence and Heritage Garden and celebrating our state’s indelible history and unique landscape.

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Visit the current Residence website: GovernorsResidence.Ohio.gov.

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